A Noob Survived 300 Days In Minecraft And This Is What Happened... (Ender Dragon Finale)

2021 Хул 17-нд
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Hello there. Back in 2020 when the world went into lockdown I decided to try Minecraft. I'd never played before and wanted to document a noobs playthrough. Why? because we only get one opportunity to play a game for the very first time. And as Minecraft is a game which revolves around passing information from player to player, I thought this would make a good challenge. The rules of the adventure were simple... Defeat the ender dragon without any help from anyone.
Today marks the end of the series... I did it... I took out the ender dragon alone without any help at all but it's been a hella long journey...
Thanks to Luke TheNotable for his inspiration. Check him out here - mnnews.info
Here's my final days as a minecraft noob, without any help, guidance or advice from anyone.
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    • He is a cheter how can he fly: an elytra

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    • He is a cheter how can he fly and he said he didn't know what ancient devre us but he crated a Netheright he is a fake and a fruad

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  • If you try multiplayer minecraft in java I would suggest using minehut it lets you make free severs

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  • I feel sorry for you so i will give you 3 tips to survive 400 days 1. If ypu place a torch in a area mobs wont spawn in that area but if you want you can use sea lanterns or glowstone you can use green carpet to hide the torches and it is crafted by 3 green wool in a landscape form 2. Walls can protect your japanise sturcture you can also place torches on any of the walls

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  • Go deafest the 2ed boss aka wither it’s pretty easy just kill the black skeltons to get wither skull get three of this grab 4 soul sand and make.cross then put the heads on the top

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  • A fire enemy is a blaze If you get ancient debris you can put it in a furnace to get netherite scrap, getting 4 netherite scrap and 4 gold ingots to create a netherite ingot, use the smithing table to upgrade diamond gear to netherite

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