Fortnite | 20 Myths Tested! Myth Chasers Season 5

2020 Гах 23-нд
823 609 Үзсэн тоо

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have a fantastic holiday time and all the best for 2021. Let's chase myths and bust them!
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  • Can I change my intro music in 2021?

    PlayStationGrenadePlayStationGrenade3 сарын өмнө
    • No

      SolitudeSolitudeСарын өмнө
    • No

      MixerMixerСарын өмнө
    • No

      MixerMixerСарын өмнө
    • Nope

      Jaydean WayneJaydean Wayne3 сарын өмнө
    • Guy

      AwetomeAwetome3 сарын өмнө
  • put the jump boot orb in steamy stacks

    BlueNinja GamerBlueNinja Gamer22 өдрийн өмнө
  • Can you open the secret season 6 vualt

    Mr doomy boomyMr doomy boomy23 өдрийн өмнө
  • I wished the people got reved while being knocked after they jump in the zero point

    Janelle GillisJanelle Gillis26 өдрийн өмнө
  • Fortnite is RUINING FAMILIES!!!!!

    Howard BeresfordHoward Beresford26 өдрийн өмнө
  • Funny how he used pghlfilms music lol 3:45

    Ninja catNinja cat27 өдрийн өмнө
  • no

    Blue shadow GamerBlue shadow GamerСарын өмнө
  • weow

    Blue shadow GamerBlue shadow GamerСарын өмнө
  • PlaysStationGrenade reminds me f a younger version of postboxpat

  • gggf hhg

    Brittany RaineyBrittany RaineyСарын өмнө
  • 1:42 Me:yay my birthday is today My mom:I have a present for you Me:what is it My mom:zero point present Me:what is that supposed to be My mom:a one very exposed orb with present on it

    mod_ 1227mod_ 1227Сарын өмнө
  • myth a gas tank can fill up a gas bottle thingy it works

    SmilezSmilezСарын өмнө
  • Such good content, so underrated.

    Leo DrackettLeo DrackettСарын өмнө
  • The only reason I am going back to the

    Calendars HolsworthCalendars HolsworthСарын өмнө
  • Will mando kill the predator or as i say the breadator

    SnapeSnapeСарын өмнө
  • no

    Logan McCroskeyLogan McCroskey2 сарын өмнө
  • My PSN account got banned for a week because I called someone strange and they then banned me for a month whilst I was still banned for a week and I wanted to kill him his stupid username is Jordy_13003 My username is Space_Pug176483, it was banned Edit:Can you please go and annoy or just do anything to give him a bad time for me

    Space PugSpace Pug2 сарын өмнө
  • I found a thing with the zero point I’ll seed you a picture

    ravensrvnge1ravensrvnge12 сарын өмнө
  • Up

    shadow the nightwingshadow the nightwing2 сарын өмнө
  • Bill and Ted sometime spawn in the UK box

    shadow the nightwingshadow the nightwing2 сарын өмнө
  • Myth: Brutus will cry if he is brought to the top of the grotto

    Jack o LanternJack o Lantern2 сарын өмнө
  • Myth will a car float in steamy steaks

    TBM_jadeTBM_jade2 сарын өмнө
  • What happens when predator goes through the zero point?

    Joe driffieldJoe driffield2 сарын өмнө
  • wiill the midas touch effect the exotics?

    K PK P2 сарын өмнө
  • Bro do I vid with big jonse gaming

    HyperBoom 28HyperBoom 282 сарын өмнө
  • Idea for myth buster. What happends if you talk with lexa while wearing the Orin skin?

    ChrisBJohn GamingChrisBJohn Gaming2 сарын өмнө
  • Myth: what happend when you holding banana using jonesy skin and drop to zero point?

    Hariss MasterHariss Master2 сарын өмнө
  • legens

    buzzaw da gammerbuzzaw da gammer2 сарын өмнө
  • *Me hearing the intro* *Also me*: TURN THAT UPPPP!!!!!

    DAREALGhost GamingDAREALGhost Gaming2 сарын өмнө
  • How do you get bosses in battle lab cause i cant find them in my battle lab

    Last_NoteLast_Note2 сарын өмнө
  • When a shark eats an exotic will it have a blue glow

    CvaniCvani2 сарын өмнө
  • Guys if u look closely at the clinger part at the zero point the snowman floating

    raymund mailimraymund mailim2 сарын өмнө
  • Question what happens if you use a rift fish right when your about to it the 0point

    Bonnie the BunnyBonnie the Bunny2 сарын өмнө
  • I have a myth with the 15.21 update. Can you see predator through the Mandolorian amban sniper

    fordus kfordus k2 сарын өмнө
  • Myth If an IO Guard gets knocked and then revived Will it have the same amount of health that it started out with

    Super squirrilSuper squirril2 сарын өмнө
  • myth i found a guy on tik tok took mancake to the door by catty cornner

    xd Garrettxd Garrett2 сарын өмнө
  • Myth: If you are the normal default mystique and you kill a rainbow Mystique will you become the rainbow mystique Yes or No?

    CloakCloak2 сарын өмнө
  • you boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot

    Michelle SpencerMichelle Spencer2 сарын өмнө
    • 🥾 boot? 😉

      PlayStationGrenadePlayStationGrenade2 сарын өмнө
  • kdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkdkddkdkkdkdkdkddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddjkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    Michelle SpencerMichelle Spencer2 сарын өмнө
  • wait sharks are still in the game?

    Father crusaderFather crusader2 сарын өмнө
  • If you see the io guards just don't move

    scorpean_manscorpean_man3 сарын өмнө
  • H

    Fransiscus XaveriusFransiscus Xaverius3 сарын өмнө
  • I didnt have to lure mando to the IO's he spawned there and i saw them fight

    Danger GamerDanger Gamer3 сарын өмнө
  • Play station grenade I got a myth for you who will win the Mandalorian or ruckus in the ruckus boss is near a Slurpee swamp near the Marvel portal hope this myth will come true please do it if I misspell anything I’m sorry please

    LEGO joebroLEGO joebro3 сарын өмнө
  • The player does get damaged before going in but just gets healed so it makes it look like he wasn’t hurt

    Andrew MychalAndrew Mychal3 сарын өмнө

    Armeen OmidArmeen Omid3 сарын өмнө
  • I have send u the video tht we put the book to Side ive sent from Twitter

    IzoTofuIzoTofu3 сарын өмнө
    • My Twitter IzoTofu

      IzoTofuIzoTofu3 сарын өмнө
  • i found the 2 henchmen guards they pop out of the IO guards holders and they both stand there confused!

    MC squid91MC squid913 сарын өмнө

    Dizi715Dizi7153 сарын өмнө
  • what happens when the last 2 people trade kills

    Joseph MendezJoseph Mendez3 сарын өмнө
  • What happens when you let an npc fall in the zero point?

    Lauch VRLauch VR3 сарын өмнө
  • i guess mando isn't working with agent jonesy

    GeneralcupcakeGeneralcupcake3 сарын өмнө
  • if you thro youer noked teamat in do that get rezd

    Seamus ClermontSeamus Clermont3 сарын өмнө
  • Yo Playstation I just had a genius moment! You know how in the trailer for the season 5 fortnite nexus thing? Well I found out that I believe that the black soldiers running around in panic are actually IO guards! So I believe that the IO guards come from where agent Jonsie's base is!!!!!

    Jacob AllenJacob Allen3 сарын өмнө
  • Fun fact: I have seen the io guards take out mando I'm not joking :)

    apagliasottiapagliasotti3 сарын өмнө
  • Snow man rotate faster go goo can you feel it

    Fight MeFight Me3 сарын өмнө
  • Myth: If you use Lexa and use the illustrated mode in Creative Mode will she stay the same or will she change?

    CloakCloak3 сарын өмнө
  • HEY if people can reach to a million likes then they could get to a billion try doing that😏😎

    missamber1030missamber10303 сарын өмнө
  • Hey Man! I know you don’t know who I am but I FINALLY added you to my subscription for MNnews! I really do enjoy your work and please keep it up!! PS4 player = ThirdEyeWoke-ish. Please feel free to add me!

    David NixonDavid Nixon3 сарын өмнө
  • Cleaners aren't even in the game anymore

    Rowdee’s VlogsRowdee’s Vlogs3 сарын өмнө
  • What happens if you do a rift to go fish directly underneath the zero point? how will you go threw it

    Coolin MoonCoolin Moon3 сарын өмнө
  • I think snowmandos sgt winter covered in snow pants the same so are the boots the jacket is kinda the same and they both have fingerless gloves and on snowmandos jacket it has a reverse simple on the jacket going back to sgt winter

    T-WilderT-Wilder3 сарын өмнө
  • How do you get junk rifts and port a fortresses

    Gamer 9000Gamer 90003 сарын өмнө
  • 5:39 PEELY!

    Gamer 9000Gamer 90003 сарын өмнө
  • I here in 2021

    Gamer 9000Gamer 90003 сарын өмнө
  • The zero point is been through something

    Santhosh KumarSanthosh Kumar3 сарын өмнө
  • Conspiracy theory: The vault will open at chapter 2 season 8 live event because fortnite did the same things for example season 5 worlds collide in this season they did the zero point and some characters from other games went into the fortnite world

    DFG EPAZZZDFG EPAZZZ3 сарын өмнө
  • i see you playing on ps5

    the gameythe gamey3 сарын өмнө
  • Myth : You can NOT refuel a plane with the gas pumps, only gas cans.

    suppreysupprey3 сарын өмнө
  • What happens if u put a present on a io Gard place does the present break?

    Jett FRASERJett FRASER3 сарын өмнө
  • Actually a glitch happened when I flew the plane in it destroyed the plane and kept me in the zero point pov

    Video TronicVideo Tronic3 сарын өмнө
  • ?

    Its_StealthIts_Stealth3 сарын өмнө
  • Pls don’t change your song and what’s happened to hut watch

    Its_StealthIts_Stealth3 сарын өмнө
  • I was trying to kill io guards and I found the two henchmen

    (STUDENT)Hudson Roy(STUDENT)Hudson Roy3 сарын өмнө
  • All the default has other skins of them so do u think they are from the I.O

    AdrianaAdriana3 сарын өмнө
  • There’s a chance that if you go into the zero point with a plane your screen will glitch and you can’t move

    The 2nd to 1st AnimationsThe 2nd to 1st Animations3 сарын өмнө
  • If u could get rift jump in zero point and use rift same time

    Edward gaming with friendsEdward gaming with friends3 сарын өмнө
  • It’s 2021

    Bebe RussellBebe Russell3 сарын өмнө
  • Here’s something that I might have just found out, Agent jones his part of a group or organisation called the Order,when I looked at chaos agents description it read, Undermine THE ORDER from the shadows, maybe Chaos agent is working with jonesy?

    ChilledInfernoChilledInferno3 сарын өмнө

    pogger Playspogger Plays3 сарын өмнө
  • Hey I found bill and ted they come out of the floor elevators, but the only place I saw them were in the movie theater poi

    Saul LSaul L3 сарын өмнө
  • U do fortnite, me no exist.

    KlokSlopKlokSlop3 сарын өмнө

    Hyperhero 247Hyperhero 2473 сарын өмнө
    • They are at risky reels in the i.o chamber doing the idk emote

      Hyperhero 247Hyperhero 2473 сарын өмнө
  • Myth: Will Ruckus fight Io guards

    Dolph From fortniteDolph From fortnite3 сарын өмнө
  • I found the tubeman he is high fiving the hayman at fort crumpet

    Omega animations and gamingOmega animations and gaming3 сарын өмнө
  • Happy new year to yall

    Zippys ChannelZippys Channel3 сарын өмнө
  • I found the henchmen bro’s I was playing a playground game and found them I thought it was io Gards but it was the henchmen

    Edwardo ArteagaEdwardo Arteaga3 сарын өмнө
  • 5:04 "We have you three to one" "I like those odds"

  • Myth theory: in slurpy swamp at the drain where you can heal up can u stay there the whole match and not die?

    Sophie GerrardSophie Gerrard3 сарын өмнө
  • I use your code

    E LE L3 сарын өмнө
  • What if you get knocked with maves shark tail will it pop up with the floaty or will it be gone until you get revived?

    Gray TurnGray Turn3 сарын өмнө
  • Myth: can the mando see you under the sand?

    MonoMono3 сарын өмнө
  • In season 5

    William LazokWilliam Lazok3 сарын өмнө
  • I found two of the hechmans

    William LazokWilliam Lazok3 сарын өмнө
  • I was watching your channel and thought why am I not subed so then I subed and liked

    TTV. ARAVSEN 665TTV. ARAVSEN 6653 сарын өмнө
  • If you fight with a star wars character you HAVE to have the highground you know what happened to anakin

    Mookan KandiahMookan Kandiah3 сарын өмнө
  • How do u even use a junk rift or clinger since they’re vaulted

    DurpdezDurpdez3 сарын өмнө
  • Hey guys just wondering what you think the speaker at stealthy stronghold says I think it says the trex has escaped

    Paleo PersonPaleo Person3 сарын өмнө
  • He’s on a ps5 I can see the Graphics

    Stephanie JohnstonStephanie Johnston3 сарын өмнө
  • Io gards: we have you 3 to 1 Mando: I like those odds

    TaTor GamorTaTor Gamor3 сарын өмнө